Lizzaeh is a creative director at a non-profit organisation. Since its really hard to explain what she does, she mostly describes her work as doing "creative stuff". Very, very, creative. Yes.

In her free time (not very much), she reads and curates a collection of her favourite quotes in hope that anyone actually reads them.

In other pockets of her free time (even less), she makes digital wallpapers and lockscreens for other Christian creatives like herself who cannot expect to find wallpapers they like (or not find ugly) for their 5k monitors.

Once in a very blue moon, she blogs about the trappings of married life and provides auntie pro-tips for finding good bargains with her husband, Colin.

Like all millennials, she harbors unrealistic daydreams of being financially comfortable by selling her art and being true to herself.

(Un)Fortunately, she's also a huge pragmatist and so continues to keep her day job, which thankfully, is also the best job any daydreaming millennial could find comfort in having.

You can follow her on Instagram, but only if you like the prospect of a largely un-curated selection corgis, cats, and food.

If you'll like to reach her, there are many other ways she'll probably reply to first, but if email's still your thing, you can reach her at: lizzy (at) lizzaeh (dot)com.